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I spent my PhD focused on recovering rare earth elements from coal combustion residuals, specifically coal fly ash. Existing methods to extract rare earth elements from solids are chemical- and energy-intensive, and their separation efficiency is low, meaning that even further processes are required to separate each of the elements from each other. I designed and optimized a more efficient and environmentally sustainable separation process.

This novel process has a few significant advantages. Most importantly, we  combined extraction of rare earths with separation from the bulk of the  coal ash. This eliminates the need for total solid digestion, and streamlines downstream processing, both of which are chemical- and energy-intensive. The key reagent, an ionic liquid, can be recycled and used multiple times without loss in performance. Finally, our process involves mild operational conditions, much lower chemical consumption, and less waste generation.

My advisor, Dr. Ching-Hua Huang, and I worked with Georgia Tech to file a provisional patent in 2019, and the utility patent in 2020.

I've been determined to see this technology in the world, and in July 2022, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and decided to start Rivalia Chemical Co. Sign up for updates below!

In 2015, I co-founded RocketJudge. Originally designed to take the labor out of running Georgia Tech's Senior Capstone Expo, RocketJudge has now expanded to serve competitions at other universities, at the K-12 level, and at professional conferences, as well as fashion shows, beauty pageants, and barbecue festivals.

RocketJudge takes care of judge assignments (even assignments based on expertise), judge and competitor registration (including forms management), counting ballots, and sending scores and feedback to competitors after the event is over.

Click the link below to see what other people are saying about RocketJudge, and consider using RocketJudge for your next competition!

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